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The Well School of Ministries

Hi, my name is Evangelist Freek Vermaak and I'm the Founder and CEO of The Well School of Ministries.

My ministry partners and myself, are on a mission to break the evil cycle of crime by preaching the Gospel; to the meek, the poor and afflicted and to proclaim liberty to captives! We provide spiritual care to offenders and correctional officials. We are passionate to help offenders with their journey of rehabilitation and social reintegration, We don't hate the criminal, we hate the crime. I can truly say that I have never experienced a moment where I felt like it was work because of my passion to minister to inmates and correctional officials. We preach the glorious Gospel, that changed our life's, in prisons, schools, rehabilitation centers, churches and in the marketplace. We also present various discipleship programs in correctional centers. We also conduct open air services in the communities, where a lot of these most harden criminals grow up. We share our testimonies with the people and testify that the Lord Jesus Christ, is the Way, the Truth and the Life. He is the only Way out of the life of crime and violence. It is the goodness and kindness of God that brings a criminal from crime to Christ.