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ABALOBI is an African based and fisher driven social enterprise with global reach, achieving equitable, sustainable and climate smart small-scale fisheries, powered by ICTs that enable inclusive, human rights-based, and integrated fisheries governance from ‘hook to cook’.
Our services include a fully traceable marketplace for seafood with a ’story’, fisher-to-fisher mentoring, fisheries benchmarking, system development, digital financial inclusion services, data-driven and transdisciplinary science, Safety-at-Sea solutions, capacity building and partnership driven support programmes. Uptake of the technology happens through the co-design process, and a grassroots but global advocacy movement by fishers using ABALOBI. ABALOBI wants to develop sustainable fisheries using transformative processes, innovative technology, value chain upgrading, supported by a traditional fishers’ knowledge base.
ABALOBI, as a fisher-driven mobile app suite, offers a traceability solution to fishers and other stakeholders in the fisheries value chain, giving fishers the ability to harness the power of mobile technology and data to set fair selling prices via a marketplace, and access a verified (digital) income stream giving them a formal financial identity. The solution provides small-scale fishers with an accounting tool and marketplace app with an integrated payment system. This has now paved the way to co-develop simple and relevant financial services such as savings and insurance for fishers, securing their livelihoods and families. ABALOBI is currently operating along the western and southern coastline of South Africa, and will soon scale to other coastal areas in Africa and the Indian Ocean.