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Academy of Humankind

We are building a radically different school in South Africa, from the ground up, over a period of 12 years - one classroom at a time, starting with year 1 students. We need your help. Do you or someone you know want to contribute toward this? For only R1,500 / month, you can sponsor a child's education and help them become their best selves.

We believe education should expand children's awareness beyond the blackboard - into their community, our global world, and most importantly, into themselves and their self-knowledge. We aim to do this through experiences and practices that tap into their genuine curiosity to inspire long-lasting learning and engagement.

It's called the Academy of Humankind, a school designed to give children from difficult circumstances the opportunity to learn through the Lumiar method, identified as one of the world's most effective transformative initiatives by Stanford University, UNESCO, OECD, and Microsoft. Because a world that is socially just requires equal opportunities.

All contributions matter, big or small.