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Aims and objectives of ADHASA
• To provide support and information to families, therapists, teachers and caregivers interacting with
children and adults with ADHD, related conditions and barriers to learning.
• To provide insight and awareness of the challenges of ADHD, related conditions and barriers to learning
• To offer counselling, guidance and referral services.
• To promote greater community awareness by producing and distributing information to the media and
the public in general.
• To keep up to date with the latest research and developments in the field and liaise with local and
international experts
• To ensure that every child and adult with ADHD in Southern Africa has effective assistance available to
ADHASA also strives:
• To help people see the person with ADHD rather than just the symptoms;
• To give parents, teachers, therapists, employers and caregivers the right tools: information, strategies and
practical solutions, so that they understand the challenges of ADHD, and are equipped to help affected
people function at their best levels.
• To provide people with ADHD the support, tools and strategies that they need to manage their own lives.
This may include referral to the relevant professionals.
• To help people recognise and develop the strengths that may accompany ADHD, and become the best
that they can be.