Cause Index


(a) The organisation’s primary objectives are to:

1.1 To alleviate poverty in Southern Africa by providing water, food and education.

1.2 Giving Communities access to clean water giving them more time to grow food, earn an income, and go to school -- all of which fight poverty.

1.3 Providing hope and resources for those without life’s essentials.

1.4 To foster the development of an empowered, inclusive society.

1.5 To increase collaboration plans with other organizations, bodies or individuals whether national or international but having advocacy strategies for the similar cause as laid herein.

1.6 Decrease the degree of malnutrition among young children in Africa and also worldwide.

1.7 Ensure that these children’s nutritional needs are fully provided for.

1.8 Ensure that these children have access to education.

1.9 To increase awareness about the acceptable health standards among Youth.

(b) The organisation’s secondary objectives are to:

1.10 Raise funds to support the primary objectives

1.11 To organise sponsors to support the primary objectives