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Africa Food For Thought

Starting in 2006 Africa Food for Thought has been supporting schools and creches with equipment and supplies so that children might have better nutrition. We believe this gives children a better chance of making the most of their education. Currently we are helping to feed almost 17 000 children in Soweto and on the West Rand. This has resulted in increased school attendance, better physical appearance, more sports and classroom participation and generally a heightened sense of well-being and self-esteem.

Africa Food for Thought is a non-profit organization, run by volunteers, which is essentially focused on equipping and supplying school feeding programmes. We are also involved in a number of community projects, self-help/empowerment projects and shelters and half-way houses. Our aim is to help those who need it the most: the vulnerable and marginalized. Our vision is "to feed people in the name of Christ, in order to bring hope to the hopeless".

We currently have fifteen school feeding projects, two aftercare programmes and twenty eight crèches. We also work with eighty individual households In total we feed over seventeen thousand children. Whilst we equip and supply the projects, it is the parents and community volunteers who run the project, do the cooking and serving. In this way, we encourage schools and communities to own the project.