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Africa House College


The organization is called AFRICA HOUSE COLLEGE
Its shortened name is
Sole purpose of introduction is to request you offer a helping hand in
whatever manner possible so that we can achieve our noble objectives and

Being a predominantly black underprivileged school, we request for whatever
assistance possible. We are of the opinion that we can empower our youth
through Education,an educated mind can be of great importance to the country
and morally upright society


To impart brain capital, alleviate poverty, AIDS awareness etal this will
enable our youth and people to be economically productive, live in dignity
and respect and later contribute to nation building and continental progress
and unity.


Africa House College was established to primarily contribute to the
generation of balanced sustainable economy growth of South Africa and its
population ,thereby promoting prosperity for all citizens, it has since
become the crusader with a mission to educate, disseminate information
(AIDS),parental and advisory roles and any basic support to the needy, poor
and all sorts of people of the country.
The organization?s main objectives are to be number one provider of
education, information (AIDS, Moral ,Educative) for all sorts of people.
Including talent realization
Africa House College is using education to fulfill its aims and objectives.
The organization requests whatever assistance possible.

*Urgent needs* : Transportation,accommodation,payments of service providers,
reading materials, laboratories and the in long run expansion
Contribute to Africa College, contribute towards emancipation of African
Feel free to visit our organization

Yours Sincerely

Tamale Moses