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African Childrens choir

African Childrens choir

Music For Life has almost 30 years of experience in working with vulnerable children through the Choir program and the funds they have generated have provided the opportunity of education and hope for many more thousands like them in some of the most desperate and needy areas of Africa. Over a thousand children and in through our choir programmes and over 6000 children have benefited from our Music For Life programs in local schools within our areas of operation as an extracurricular activity.
Many of our choir children have gone on to be specialist doctors, social workers, government officials and leaders within their own fields. Despite this success the lack of literacy and numeracy in South Africa and beyond continues to grow at an alarming rate and is a grave concern to us as it may be to you.

Together with some of our partners Music For Life has packaged a literacy programme that not only prepares learners for schooling but also enhances the natural beauty and talent of the African child through music and dance. Learners would also learn valuable life skills to help them become productive citizens and leaders within the communities they live.

It is the vision of Music For Life to start these Literacy centres in all major centres as well as Southern Africa countries like Lesotho, Swaziland, Mozambique etc. and then to multiply these centres for maximum impact.