Cause Index

African Community Fund for Education Group


- To empower the African community
We seek to educate the disadvantaged African community and create future African leaders. ACFEG is a liberal force that helps individuals and families to secure self-reliance and promote change, development and global diversity in Africa."
Our people - be a global pathway where people can engage opportunities that direct the African dream
Our portfolio - to introduce to the disadvantaged communities, education and development opportunities that satisfy people's corporate dreams in building the future of Africa
Our partners - to engage world leaders and global organisations in the fight against poverty in African communities
Globally - to be responsible citizens who support the sustainability of disadvantaged global communities.

Our Mission
- To develop Africa
To develop Africa and help disadvantaged individuals, families and local communities in Africa, focusing on creating a sustainable future for the African community. We aim to promote the African dream and global responsibility through:
Developing individual lives for self-sufficiency
Educating the disadvantaged African community and creating future African leaders
Eradicating extreme poverty through human empowerment and grassroots development
Promoting economic opportunity for the marginalised
Engaging communities through sport, scholarship and sponsorship for current community role models, mentoring and empowerment to ordinary citizens

‘Educate the Girl-Child Campaign’
The campaign aims to raise awareness about and to take responsibility for the inclusive and sustainable education of girls. The campaign is centred around:
a) Formal Education – creating and sustaining opportunities for educating girls
b) Life Education – lowering incidents of child marriage and addressing the risk of HIV/AIDS in girls.
The intended impact of this campaign is to keep girls in school, and reduce incidents of HIV/AIDS among girls. We achieve this impact by helping to keep girls in school, addressing costs related to school attendance for girls, and reducing the impact of HIV/AIDS on school completion for girls.