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African Diaspora Forum

The African Diaspora Forum (ADF) is an umbrella organization consisting of various migrant communities living in South Africa, including South Africans who are opposed to discrimination against migrants. It was created in the aftermath of the 2008 xenophobic attacks with the sole aim to restore peace through promoting integration and social cohesion between all who reside in South Africa.

The organisation is premised on Pan African as well as human rights centred ideals which we use to create a sense of oneness amongst all Africans regardless of their nationality. Through the ADF people of different African nationalities can begin to build a common voice on common issues thus countering issues related to discrimination, intolerance and xenophobia.

More specifically, the ADF seeks to facilitate and develop relationships, exchanges and mutual understanding between South Africans and foreign nationals living as well as collaborating with other civil society organisations through community policing forums, civics and street committees, e.t.c.).

ADF is also works to condemn hate speech on the grounds of nationality. Related to this is the ADF’s commitment to changing hateful attitudes that are sometimes demonstrated in public spheres such as schools, hospitals and with the police. These efforts are normally channelled through consultation and engagement with governmental institutions at the national, provincial and local levels.

The ADF is an advocate for migrants who are in themselves composed of various marginalised and vulnerable groups. These include refugees and asylum seekers, women and children.

More than 27 African countries are represented within the ADF membership. These include Angola, Burkina Faso, Burundi, Cameroon, Congo-Brazzaville, Democratic Republic of Congo, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast, Malawi, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Senegal, Somalia, South Africa, Sudan, Uganda, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Benin, Mali, Gabon, Kenya, Botswana, Tanzania.

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