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Aga Sechaba Community Projects

Our aim is to increase public awareness about the destructive power of drugs and society’s responsibility to care for the well-being of children. Based the capacity the organization have we have embarked on creating awareness to the communities on drug related matters and also networking with relevant service providers in combating substance abuse within the areas of service providing information regarding alcohol, drugs and HIV/Aids related issues and being involved in community out reach programmes supporting local campaigns in our area of service. Through the years, the organisation functioned on little handout to be able to sustain itself and staff not receiving any salaries whatsoever to be able to render effective services in the most professional way. The organisation has strengthened its stakeholder relation to be where it is to date, complying to the objectives of the organization in fighting substance abuse an intervening in the most amicable way to assist the user, the family and the community to understand the ills associated with substance abuse.

Services rendered

• Awareness raising on Substance use and abuse
• Counseling on Substance abuse,
• Life and technical skills programme
• Early Intervention
• Referrals, Aftercare and re-integration
• Family support services
• Home visits
• Support Group
• Entrepreneurial Programmes