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A Heart relief Organization specializes in the provision of health, social services, education and training in Africa. The Organization is designed to reflect the United Nation's Millennium goals, particularly towards the "Global Poverty Alleviation Program" focusing on the health sector.

The organization is committed to providing training at all levels, so as to equip health care providers and social workers with the necessary tools to provide high-quality services, develop culturally and linguistically appropriate programs, and the maximizing of limited resources. The approach taken by AHRO is a holistic one, addressing society as a whole.

AHRO is committed to promoting equity between women and men. It is also important to help increase the economic potential of women by providing them with opportunities for education, training, literacy programs and employment in the various sectors. Programs that accord priority to the special situation and needs of women, particularly rural and single women, are some of the areas that the Organisation has identified as an essential prerequisite to poverty alleviation around the World.