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Akaya Nursing home is nonprofit entity with the aim of providing much needed care for the elderly. A
growing number of elderly ones are without the assistance and care to enable them to lead dignified
lives. For this reason there is a greater need for nursing homes for these elderly ones. The elderly need
to be treated with respect, love and dignity as they have done their duty to society.
As we are still in our first year of service, we would greatly appreciate your assistance in providing these
elderly ones with a comfortable and dignified home to be taken care of. We are in great need of assistance in the form of a donation of food, furniture, bedding,money to cover some of the expenses and a vehicle to transport the elderly residents to the hospital. We are fully registered with the Department of Social Development and SARS.
Kindly see our registration certificate with the NPO tax number attached.
Akaya Nursing Home represents the face of a caring society that is often hidden in a world that is
obsessed with highlighting only bad news. Your assistance will go a long way towards making a small part
of South Africa a better place for the aged. Should you wish to visit our facilities, please feel free to
contact me as per the contact details provided.