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Akehlulwalutho Organisation

Akehlulwalutho is an organisation that was formed in 2001 by Thobile Msezane-Dlamini with a few dedicated members of the community. Akehlulwalutho was formed on the premise that we all linked and as such we have consellours that are dedicated 24/7 to listen to the community, we currently feed 350 orphaned children, 38 families and we supervise homework for the orphans and those children whose parents are illiterateor do not care.

Akehlulwalutho aims to build a multipurpose centre that will attend to diverse community needs.Through small donations from different organisation we have managed to feed children daily and sometimes sponsor parties where chldren will get some clothing ,food parcels and school uniforms.

The Organisation also provides counselling, life skills, peer education, access to social security, and referal to the department and other knowledge related to safety and healthy life style to its beneficiaries.