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Bethel Christian Ministries

Bethel Christian Ministries has a strong sense of community within Cape Town. People and children of all ages and races here are encouraged to be intimate lovers of God.

BCM’s Vision is to reveal God’s Glory through Miracles Sings and Wonders according to 2 Corinthians 12:12. We also aim at bringing awareness about God’s existence and voice in this day and age through the prophetic. That God is still speaking to us. At BCM we encourage and teach our followers to move in the gift of prophecy, knowing and prophesying in part (I Cor. 13:9). Not everyone can operate in the office of the prophet as and other prophets but everyone can prophecy under a prophetic anointing and move in the gift of prophecy. To teach attendees the responsibility to listen to the Holy Spirit and accurately speak what they hear from God’s Holy Spirit. Above all, we aim at Spreading the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ across the Globe, through all media platforms available today.