Cause Index

Alex Corin

Alcohol and drugs are the root cause of almost all of South Africa’s ills: gangsterism, crime, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence, broken homes and unemployment etc., which are actively prevalent in the lives of children in high risk communities.

To a large part, these ills are accepted as part of a natural life path, where there is a culture you live by with no alternatives or perceived options for these children.

We as the JAG Foundations utilise sport and play as a catalyst for change, exposing children in disadvantaged communities to an alternate life path. Our mentoring, coaching, knowledge and organised sport and play programmes, target the issues of alcohol, drugs gangsterism and bullying head-on by showing children the real and attainable opportunity of an alternative life path, that can give them hope and an escape from a societal predisposition of their future.

In these fatherless communities, broken and unstable home environments are more common than not. These are largely caused by unemployment, drugs, alcoholism, and acts of criminality. It is not rocket science to conclude that’s such environments are hugely detrimental to the development of a child.

Being continuously exposed to these social ills and corrupt thinking from a young age, crafts a perception of this life as normal and natural life path.

This perception leads children to become involved in gangs at a young age, promotes drug use and drug dealing, leads to participation in criminal activity, and ultimately paves a path to prison or an early grave.

Where learning, for these children, has come to a standstill in their brains due to constantly being in ‘survival mode’, it is important that the body, which influences the brain dramatically starts to fight back.

Moving, running, playing, passing, all contribute to creating a healthy mind for these children to learn and absorb the benefit of a positive alternate life path. Sport and play have many values which ingrain in young minds merely by playing and being part of a team, such as respect, discipline, tolerance, and dedication, just to name a few. These learned values then in turn build self-esteem, hope, and belief.