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All Nations

In the year 2020, the Coordinating Team of All Nations Cape Town is witnessing a flood of Africans who know they belong to a Jesus movement that affects all of Africa. From points near and far, they feel empowered, affirmed, equipped, and connected with a sense of belonging to All Nations and the call of Jesus in their lives.
House churches bonded to Jesus are replicating in great numbers while traditional church leaders who share AN values, are discovering their apostolic call. Communities find themselves looking to AN to coach them to plant churches, regardless of the model, as they grab hold of AN’s vision and supernatural outpouring of the Holy Spirit where ever it has a presence. They are keenly aware of AN’s reputation for cultivating and exercising its spiritual gifts with initiative, faithfulness, and continuous growth.
AN’s support staff are also involved in communities, building relationships, praying, and growing church planters, while CPx is led by a full-time team totally comprised of CPx graduates mentored into leadership.
Non-staff persons are eager to invest their time and expertise to help the AN trustees and to support the AN business model of self-sustaining, income generating, disciple-making church planting. These committed and mature AN supporters with expertise in business development pour into the lives of individuals who plant church elements within business start-ups like pre-primary and primary schools and tuc shops. AN’s reputation for growing hard-working, disciplined, skilled Africans for Jesus, freed from traditional mindsets, is far reaching and unquestionable. And the AN Africans understand their potential to help others come to faith in Jesus as well.
Communities are greatly affected by AN teams who map/code the townships and hold themselves accountable to their areas and one another, regardless of circumstances or the absence of usual leaders. Every ministry team, staff group, and house church has adopted an UUPG to pray for and Tuesday AN Family Meetings are a time of inspiring stories showing how God is working through the many hands and feet of His body of Christ.
Growth and commitment amongst ministry teams are deep as area leaders meet regularly within their townships, where they live and serve. Places like Ocean View and ten other unreached Muslim populations are engaged and ignited and rising up in response to the AN church planting movement. Celebrations erupt where people are excitedly sharing their testimonies and stories that inspire others to desire Jesus.
Praise God for what He is doing to and through All Nations Cape Town!