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alpha omega youth outreach

Alpha Omega Youth Outreach is a Christian mission organization registered with the Department of Social Development. We are an anti- crime, anti -drugs organization,using Christian life skills, music skills (teach them to play musical instruments) and education to bring about curative measures amongst juvenile offenders. We then take these rehabilitated parolees and utilize them as peer educators and motivational speakers to steer the outside youth away from life of crime and drugs. Up to date we have conducted more than sixty anti-crime, anti- drugs awareness campaigns in partnership with South African Police Services, Department of Social Development and the Department of Correctional Services at various schools and communities around the Eastern Cape.

We are now also embarking on a project at Nompumelelo Township in Beacon Bay and Ducats Township, to help develop their youth as a way of diverting them away from the life of drugs and criminal activities.

We will be introducing
• Christian life skills
• music skills (teach them to play various musical instruments and singing)
• computer literacy, assist and motivate them in their studies
• athletics and boxing,