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Al-Qalam is Southern Africa's leading Muslim community newspaper.

We strive to deliver relevant, topical news of interest to the millions of readers internationally. Since its inception 50 years ago, Al-Qalam has become a household name amongst muslims and to an extent in the broader community who look upon and turn to our newspaper as a reliable reference to local and international news.

COVID-19 has affected everything, including how we go about our lives.

Zoom calls have replaced boardroom meetings and home schooling has replaced our daily school runs.

For us at Al-Qalam Newspapers COVID-19 has taught us and created new opportunities to reach out to thousands of people worldwide.

Whilst we continue printing, we have moved to Online and Social Media platforms to reach out to our ardent readers around the globe.

Al-Qalam can now be viewed on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, on our Website and on Paperturn. Technology has made it possible for more people to get access to the Al-Qalam.