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Alwaagah Institute for the Deaf

Our Vision Every Deaf person is to be empowered, has the opportunity to integrate into society and achieve their fullest potential and participate in and contribute to all aspects of life. Our Mission Al-Waagah works to advocate on behalf of the Deaf to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by strengthening and integration of communities thereby eliminating barriers to opportunity, and supporting the Deaf and to reach their full potential and purpose in life Our Objective The need for education and support services have now reached a level where the current facilities at Al-Waagah are becoming inadequate. Coupled with this is the aim to build greater awareness around the rights of the Deaf and to mainstream sign language. We would therefore like to establish an all-inclusive school that offers education for both hearing and Deaf children. The model is based on the belief that placing children in the same space with others, who do not have disabilities, provides them with equal access to learning opportunities. It also increases the awareness and practice of sign language, helping to shift the narrative from the margins to mainstream. Even though the idea has been discussed on the level of the National Department of Education, thus far no initiative has taken up the challenge to put these ideas into practice.
Al-Waagah therefore plans to be the first organization to develop the idea of an all-inclusive school, thereby pioneering a much-needed facility within the context of greater equality for our Deaf community.