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Amapondo Childrens Project

We focus on recognizing the needs of the local people in order to create community led initiatives, jobs, education, self-empowerment and valuable exchange whilst utilizing the skills and experience of both national and international volunteers. Services of the ACP include:

• Fundraising – we raise funds to support and develop the following existing ACP initiatives:

• Port St Johns Child Care Center,
• Khulani Sewing Project,
• Mthumbane Crèche and Pre-Primary School,
• Cook Stoves for Africa

• Volunteer Program - we recruit, train and develop national and international volunteers to help manage the NGO, support and develop ACP initiatives, and bring skills and expertise into the local community helping local people develop their own businesses.

• Project Management – we support and continually develop all ACP initiatives, drawing on local community support.

• Educational Assistance – we offer teaching assistance, curriculum development, and school support, we also offer after-school support to children in need such as at the Port St Johns Child Care Center.

• Collaboration – we partner with the Rotary Club of Port St Johns and other NGO’s, together we run community based activities to unite, empower and strengthen the local community.