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Amathuba Community Upliftment

Amathuba means 'opportunity' in the isiZulu language

Amathuba is a registered non-profit organisation [NPO no.056-063-npo] dedicated to creating opportunities within the Embo community for people to learn the skills to build a better life for themselves and their children.

Although challenged daily by poverty, unemployment, HIV and lack of resources, the community is tightly knit and supportive; more affluent members routinely donate leftover roof tiles, bricks and other building materials to neighbours who have nothing.

Operating at grassroots level, Amathuba involves the community in the decision making process to identify and prioritise projects – and unites people in working together to clear land and provide labour for the building operations.

It also offers opportunities for caring and compassionate individuals and businesses – both locally and around the world ... to get involved in sharing their wealth, their experience and their skills to guide others towards a better quality of life.

Apart from the urgent need for decent housing, the Embo community would like to build a Community Centre with a clinic, and to upgrade a community creche in the area. Part of the vision is to build a factory for the production of bricks, trusses, solar panels, window and door frames, where members of the community can learn new skills, contribute to the building of new homes and earn a living.