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Amazing Grace Childrens Home Eikenhof

The Objectives are:
 To provide a place of safety to children from difficult life situations.
 To improve the quality of life of children by encouraging them to avoid situations that are potentially harmful to their physical emotional and psychological well-being;
 To provide a transitional healthy environment where all their basic needs are met;
 To ensure that the basic educational needs of each child are met, while information is gathered to facilitate the long term placement of the child;
 To facilitate the process of re-integrating each child in a loving, caring and homely environment;
 To follow up and obtain feedback on the progress of the child in the re-integrated environment.
 To embark on/support and/or develop programmes that will facilitate the prevention of conditions that will harm the physical, emotional and psychological well being of the children.
 To teach each child good and acceptable behaviour; through basic rules and guidelines to adhere to for their own well-being and for the protection of all children, adults and employees at AGCH.
 To empower the staff of our skills development to be competent community members and also assist in alleviating poverty by creating jobs.