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To create a safe sustainable environment that promotes community development and improve society’s well-being for effective enrichment of individuals.

Our vision is to bring change in our communities by creating a positive, self-sustaining environment where people can reach their dreams and be able to unlock their potential, provide care for their families, and contribute to society in a meaningful way,
To provide prevention services through community educational opportunities, training, substance awareness programs and crime prevention awareness
To equip and enhance community knowledge and skills through developmental programs

To establish a substance abuse initiative to carter for youth affected by substances
To raise awareness of substance abuse and crime prevention
Establish halfway centers for those addicted
To help reintegrate individuals in conflict with the law to the communities
Provide home and community-based care, day care for children disabled and the frail
Provide protection for orphaned and vulnerable children.

Our projects are:
• Youth empowerment Skill provision scheme
• Skill provision scheme
• Career guidance
• Job preparedness

We reach out to the community through
We collect and distribute donations in communities and school
We provide:
• Care packs for babies and expecting mother
• Toiletry packs [pads, soap, and deodorant] for teenage girls.
• Stationary pack for student
• Food parcels for families in need.
• We provide relief support for distressed individual and communities

As an organisation working with communities, we are dedicated to working with victims of abuse, people in conflict with the law, dealing with drug related matters and establishing a crisis center. We collaborate with other community-based organisation and volunteers to ensure our calling to serve a greater cause is achieved.
We are working towards establishing a;
• Crisis center
• Skill development center with a community library
• ECD training facility
• Halfway house