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Holiness Apostolic Church of God

The organization primary objectives:

To Promulgate the Gospel and pray for fulfillment withing the Church of Jesus Christ of Christ's Comminsions to preach the Gospel and heal the sick.

We hold healing services, missions and teaching within the practice and teaching of our Lord Jesus Christ, wherever The Holiness Apostolic Church of God is invited.

We continue to establish networks and support groups involved in helping society to cope with HIV/AIDS and other diseases in poor neighborhoods.

Facilitate the healing of people by providing places of rest and safety

Minister to people through on and off-site Christian counselling

Provide a place of safety and refuge for people in need as assessed by Social and Health Workers

We are a haven of hope for those seeking the Love, Peace and Joy of the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

Our organization's secondary objectives are to work in collaboration with other organizations, churches, government and donors institutions, dealing specifically with HIV/AIDS