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Ananda Kutir Ashram

Ananda Kutir Ashram is a spiritual non-for-profit organisation based in Cape Town, South Africa, which promotes the world-wide dissemination of yoga, as taught by the 20th Century Saint, Swami Sivananda through his direct disciple, Swami Venkatesananda.

Derived from the ancient Sanskrit language, the word 'Ananda' refers to a state of spiritual bliss or immense joy, and 'Kutir' (literal: cottage) refers to the place or abode. An 'Ashram' is a centre where spirituality and yoga is studied and practiced. It is open to all people, regardless of cultural or religious background, who wish to learn the universal and non-sectarian principles of yoga. Hence, 'Ananda Kutir Ashram' can be understood to be a place of spiritual bliss or immense joy for All, where yoga can be studied and practiced.