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Angels' Care Centre

We believe that without education there will never be upliftment. We are currently registered as a place of care for 70 children between the ages of three and six years old. Early childhood development is the main thrust to prepare children for Primary School. We operate five morning s a week and provide the children with nutritious hot meal every day.

Between 60-70 children from the local Primary and High School are offered homework supervision and refreshments three times a week at our premises. We hope to extend this activity to other fields such as computer education, music and sewing classes.

Feeding Scheme:
We feed between 300-350 children from the informal settlement called Shiaz every Saturday morning. These children receive sandwiches, fruit and yoghurt as well as medical attention for those in need.

We run a Crisis Centre to assist victims of abuse. This Crisis Centre was started in 2015 and is staffed by a qualified nurse and social worker.