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overseas they call initiatives like this Cop Watch,and our police force is dominated by members of African racial that cause our service not to operate fairly and effectively to carry out their function as per Constitution because when our government recruit police, the criminal also rush in there to be recruited so that they can have police uniform, cover, powers and authority to carry out their criminal activities protected by police service image. Our main objective is to build up structures nationally which will be known as Civilians Police Oversight Committees that will consist of people who are going to observe police(to police police) that they execute their duties within the framework of the Constitution, and have our 24 hours helpline call centre for members of the public to report potential incidents of police brutality(all these plans are already on the ground). and currently putting all our effort to establish our Natioanal Office here in Pretoria. We are also discussing with Civilian Secretariat Of Police in the Ministry Of Police, Insitute for Security Studies and Independent Police investigative Directorate to join forces to work together.We still gonna be participating in the outreach programs that will be planned by the office of the Independent Police Investigative Directorate as we are closer to communities that are directly affected. Our organization is still on its foundation stage as a crawling infant that needs your support to be much more effective. because our target communities are those still regarded as ignorant , and of low social status and lack of knowledge about understanding their Human Right.On behalf of the organization and entire community of South Africa, I wish to appeal to your department by providing us with a temporary office space while we busy negotiating our own offices with property estate agents, and be given platform in your outreach program activities to present our organization and express our concerns to discuss issues of police brutality in a broader sense where public police brutality and domestic police brutality taking place. Police brutality do not only occur now in normal circumstances between members of the public and police, but is becoming common in our families and relationships.Policing career has became a curse to other families and relationships.

I shall be so grateful if my email has reach your attention and taken into consideration, because we still having some difficulties in interacting with the office of the Chief Directorate of Civilian Secretariat Of Police, and I strongly believe that if we join forces with the print media to mobilize the entire community of South Africa to stand against police brutality in our country although police brutality will never be finished,because as long as police are existing, police brutality will always be happening because in some most circumstances, it happens unintetional. then the government will take this issue seriously and impartially. The more our government recruit police, will be the more we become unsafe because some get in there for their own interest, to have power, authority and cover in the image of police force while carrying out their criminal activities. We need to express our concerns through legal demonstration, protests marches, seminars, conferences, workshops and television discussions, influence our government to declare 21 October as World International Day Protest Against Police Brutality here in our country as well. I wish to request you to accommodate me in your busy schedule to meet you personal and present our organization to you as a head of Independent Police Investigative Directorate.

Best regards

Zwakele Msane
National Anti Police Brutality Activist
Anti Police Police Brutality And Corruption Network Of South Africa.
Cell Number : 074 815 6492