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Who are we and what do we do ?
Arendsnes is a approved Home of Safety appointed by the Children’s Court, where children get placed by the court with a court order after they were removed from there parents for what ever reason. The placement can last anything from six (6) months till when ever the courts decide for what ever the reason might be.

A Safe Loving environment for the kid’s in need.

Arendsnes was started in 1997 with only Two (2) children and has since grown to six (6) children constantly revolving.
Every now and then still receiving children via the Children’s Court when there is no other place available at other places of safety.

Support structure
We receive a minimal allowance per child from the Children’s Court to cover the daily expenses of these kid’s. Meals Clothing Housing and entertainment, Imagine your child’s cost per day …….

Contact details : Susan Putter
082 958 7660 or (012) 330-3508

Bank details
ABSA Bank (Ben Swart Branch)
Savings account 9049088165

We are currently in the process to expand our services to accommodate twenty (20) kids.

REF: 082-117-NPO