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A Rocha South Africa

A Rocha South Africa is a national Christian environmental organisation which equips, motivates and mobilises people to care for God’s creation, through theology, education, research and projects.

"God’s people caring for God’s creation"

Since 2005 ARZA has been coordinating community conservation projects and environmental education in KwaZulu-Natal and the Western Cape and recently in Gauteng.

A Rocha, inspired by God’s love, engages in scientific research, community-based conservation projects, environmental education and theological training.

Christian – Underlying all we do is our biblical faith in the living God, who made the world, loves it and entrusts it to the care of human society.

Conservation – We carry out research for the conservation and restoration of the natural world and run environmental education programs for people of all ages.

Community – Through our commitment to God, each other and the wider creation, we aim to develop good relationships both within the A Rocha family and in our local communities.

Cross-cultural – We draw on the insights and skills of people from diverse cultures, both locally and around the world.

Cooperation – We work in partnership with a wide variety of organisations and individuals who share our concerns for a sustainable world.

A Rocha SA in linked to A Rocha International that supports National Organisations and Associated Projects around the world, publicising the work at an international level and fostering the emergence of new initiatives. Each A Rocha National Organisation is a separate, independent, legal entity.