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Art For Humanity Artist Solidarity Fund

The AfH Artist Solidarity Fund is a short-term intervention set up to provide relief to artists, art students and creative practitioners in the Durban area in the context of the COVID-19 crisis. Through centralising relief efforts by arts-based organisations in Durban, and through generous donations by individuals, institutions, faculty members, the private-sector and beyond, we hope to respond to the needs of vulnerable artists and the families they support who are facing the dangerous loss of income resulting in a variety of difficulties from food and housing insecurity to an inability to purchase basic needs for survival.

The Fund seeks to centralise efforts to help lessen the burden of various financial insecurities caused or aggravated by the current crisis. In this process we aim to create a database of working artists and creatives, as well as arts-based students and graduates based in the wider Durban area.

AfH PBO Status
AfH is a public benefit organisation (PBO No. 930020636). Donations are tax deductible.

Arts Lives Project (ALP)
DUT’s Faculty of Arts and Design (FoAD) is involved with different projects as part of its Arts Lives Project (ALP). AfH is one of the Faculty's Community Engagement Projects. FoAD communities (staff, students, graduates, partners and other stakeholders) are encouraged to include ALP as part of the donation reference.

Our purpose is to extend our solidarity and support, making sure artists and creatives who are vulnerable during this crisis not feel alone or abandoned. A longer term goal of having a growing database of artists allows us to facilitate ongoing solidarity and mutual aid work, towards a more resilient and supportive local arts community in the wider Durban area.