Cause Index

Art of Charity

We support 3 main causes that we wish to improve in the communities we serve. One to educate the underprivileged on digital transformation. The Covid pandemic has been a huge catalyst for transformation projects. Expanding digital services became an imperative when it became impossible to engage with clients in an analog way. We want to help rural areas by upskilling the super talented women and men to get their businesses online and found.
Second to be hope for victims of domestic violence and rape with our groundbreaking programs, policy development, and public action campaigns we are designed to prevent and end violence against women in Africa, while striving to reach new audiences and transform social norms. We train professionals such as doctors, nurses, judges, athletic coaches, Lawyers on improving responses to violence and abuse. We also work with advocates, policy makers, and others to build sustainable community leadership and educate people everywhere about the importance of respect and healthy relationships.
For GBV victims we have attorneys as volunteers assisting with protection orders. We are here to help our Woman of Africa.
The third focus point is Animal Welfare and Marine Life. This is not just about animals. It is about us. Our living conditions, our children, our earth. Our mission is to protect defenseless marine wildlife and end the destruction of habitat in the world’s oceans. Art of Charity has used innovative direct-action tactics to defend, conserve, and protect the delicately balanced biodiversity of our seas