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The principle object of ArtThrob is to provide a platform for South African writers to publish reviews they have written on art exhibitions in South Africa, and be compensated for their writing talents by ArtThrob at market rates. This is the sole reason why ArtThrob was founded in 1997, and our principle object remains the same; we are dedicated to nurturing art writing talent in South Africa for the benefit of the public, and for the benefit of South African contemporary artists.

A few years since ArtThrob was founded in 1997, a funding method was decided on, whereby well-known artists are approached and asked to donate a print edition to ArtThrob. ArtThrob pays for 100% of the production costs for this fine art print edition, and sells the prints in order to pay the writers ArtThrob commissions, the editorial & administrative staff salaries, and any operating expenses. ArtThrob receives 100% commission for the sales - i.e. no commission is paid to the artists either at the time of sale or thereafter, as the artists have made a full donation.

ArtThrob operates entirely online, has no physically published material, and has physical gallery/exhibition/promotion space.

Artthrob NPC is a registered Non Profit Company Reg No. 2002/001003/08