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Thanks to God and the International Community, the vicious cycle of self destruction which engulfed the African continent for a long and dark period has ended with highly respected and trustworthy administrations in place.

We know that the tidal wave of diplomatic and military pressure from the international community which melted away the clouds of war and uncertainty from our skies is also capable of helping Africans to rebuild their lives.

The important thing that should not be left uncounted for in the international endeavor to help Africans is the ability of the Africans to avail themselves by actively participating in the implementation of the numerous opportunities that comes from the International help.

This and the ability for the Africans to recognize the importance of their participation in this endeavor, jointly make easier for the International support to mean anything. It is against this background of the foregoing requirement and coupled with the philosophy of Global Leaders Foundation, has been brought into being.

As a learning organization, we are open to new ideas in all aspects of our objectives. For this reason, and coupled with plans to expand our services, we would deem it a privilege receiving any form of volunteering services throughout the year.

By this, we believe that it shall promote exchange of experience and good practice rendering or contributing to the development of humanitarian service aimed at improving lives for the deprived rural communities in Ghana.