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Association for the Physically Disabled

Our organisation has been serving people with disabilities since 1934; first as the Cripplesā€™ Care Association, and since 1987 as the Association for the Physically Disabled.

In the past 80 years it has helped more than 500 000 people. It currently provides services at grassroots level to 3 012 people ā€“ more than 75% of whom are from previously disadvantaged communities, and is very proud of the fact that it does so at a cost of only R7.55 per beneficiary per day!

SOCIAL WORK SERVICES to assist people with disabilities and their families to resolve their personal problems - both psychological and physical ā€“ and empower them to develop towards an independent lifestyle.

HOME-BASED/ATTENDANT CARE SERVICES dealing with the daily physical needs (e.g. bathing, feeding and exercising) of indigent members of the community who are permanently or temporarily disabled.

BARRIER BREAKERS (BB) has public awareness campaigns designed to break down barriers between people with disabilities and able-bodied individuals of all ages. It also assists employers with all aspects of diversity training and facilitation/accommodation issues pertinent to people with disabilities.
BARRIER BREAKERS RECRUITMENT SERVICE which prepares people with disabilities for the open labour market and identifies employment opportunities for them.

BARRIER BREAKERS WHEELCHAIR RENTAL SERVICE to members of the public as well as to private and public sector companies/organisations.

LEAN ON US HOME CARE AGENCY which offers basic and specialised care to meet the essential and personal hygiene needs of temporarily and permanently disabled people

All the money generated through the provision of our Commercial Services is channeled into the provision of our Community Services.

1. Employs 20 highly skilled, professional, hands-on care service and 14 support and commercial service providers.
2. Is a transformed, fully compliant Non-Profit Organisation (NPO) and Public Benefit Organisation (PBO).
3. Is working towards full compliance with the Good Governance guidelines as set out in the King III Report.
4. Is a Level 3 Qualifying Small Enterprise with a VAS Procurement Recognition level of 137.5%.
5. Has developed six of its branches (which includes Soweto and Tembisa) to attain independence since 2003.
6. Is involved in mentorship and training programmes to assist some independent community-based organisations which also provide services to people with disabilities.
7. Has developed and supported several community-based self-help groups and presents small business development training programmes to assist them to operate as financially viable entities.
8. Enables other welfare organisations to also generate an income by involving them in, and paying them for, their participation in its Barrier Breakers initiatives.
9. Is a Champion for the cause of all people with disabilities through its Barrier Breaker initiatives as well as its Human Rights awareness campaigns (such as the APD Lapel Badge Campaign) and environmental assessments.