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Atlantis Thusong Service Centre

The Hartebeeskraal Thusong Service Centre was established in October 1995 as a programme of Government with the key objective to improve the quality of lives of the community it serves by ensuring equitable, accessible and integrated services to poor and marginalized communities, especially women and children living within the greater Atlantis, Mamre, Pella and Witsand and to provide government information and services that respond to identified priority needs of communities where they are located.

The Centre comprises of the main building (office block) an Early Learning Centre, Work Rooms for Local economic development projects, main hall, training facility, a computer lab and Tele-Centre, Senior Citizens home and a youth Centre approximately 5 kilometers from the main centre.

The Centre is situated 55 kilometers north of Cape Town in Atlantis and services a population of approximately 200 000 inhabitants, residing in the greater Atlantis, Mamre, Pella and Witsand and the surrounding farms.

The Centre is registered as a non - profit organization and is governed by a Management Committee, which serves for a period of three years. The Government and Information System (GCIS) represent Government and serves in an advisory capacity.

The Centre is managed by a Centre Manager, which is supported by an Administrator, ICT specialist, 2 General workers, Night watchman and volunteers. The Youth Centre is under the supervision of a Community Development Worker (CDW)

In 2006 Cabinet changed the name of the 158 operational Multi Purpose Community Centers in South Africa to Thusong Service Centers.