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Awqaf SA

Awqaf SA is a community based charitable organisation aimed at investing endowment funds for various community development programmes. These programmes are aimed at promoting self-reliance and sustainability.

The vision & values statement of Awqaf SA
is “to be the leading civil society waqf institution in Southern Africa having an exemplary financial and human capital asset base providing cutting-edge value-adding initiatives and services to empower people and communities towards the establishment of Social Justice, and excelling in all that we do with the highest standards of ethics and integrity”.

The mission of Awqaf SA is “to popularise, mobilise, create, develop, and manage waqf and charitable endowment funds and assets; and to initiate and/or support worthwhile sustainable humanitarian, community development, and poverty alleviation projects and programmes.

Key Operational Policies:
 Cooperation, Partnerships & Working Unity
 Promotion of Self Reliance
 Effective Corporate Governance
 Holistic view of Community Development
 Being Proactive and Relevant
 Learning Organization

Waqf Endowments & Investments: Since inception the organisation has been growing its waqf funds and corresponding investments. Several donors make waqf charitable endowments through monthly debit orders, lump sum payments; shares in a business or transaction; donations of property; and bequests through wills.

A donor could choose a specific Waqf Fund or Funds at his/her own discretion as offered by Awqaf SA according to the respective Community Development Sector e.g. Education; Health; Ramadaan Iftaar; Food, Trees & Water; Media & Publications; Masjid, Madressah & Dawah; Youth; Arts, Culture & Heritage; Hajj & Umrah; Micro Finance, Trade & Skills; Capacity Building; Discretionary; and Designated.

100% of the donated waqf funds are invested and always remains capital. Only the income derived from the underlying investments is spent. In the long term, the goal is to grow both waqf endowments and investments to an exceptionally high level so that our collective contribution to social justice, poverty alleviation and community development can be meaningful and sustainable.

Tax Status: Awqaf SA is a registered Public Benefit Organisation (PBO) and enjoys various tax benefits.
Donations to Awqaf SA, subject to certain limits, are also tax deductible by donors.
Projects & Activities: Since its founding Awqaf SA has engaged in a variety of projects and activities together with its local and international partners. These include: the 1st Muslim Convention on Sustainable Development (2002); the Bicentennial Commemoration of the Unbanning of Islam and the Freedom of Religion (2004); the International Symposium on Islamic Civilisation in Southern Africa (2006); the International Waqf Conference Southern Africa (2007); volunteer education and training workshops; tax seminars for NGO’s; publication of an annual “awqafiNSIGHTS” journal magazine; initiation of a maths tuition project for disadvantaged learners; adoption of a soccer club in Soweto; school greening and tree planting; provision of sewing machines to a training centre in Cape Town; building local and international relations; special awards; hosting inward foreign delegations; sponsoring participants at a youth entrepreneurship conference; participating at national and international forums; Ramadaan iftaar; and researching poverty alleviation contribution by Muslim NGO’s.

Governance: Awqaf SA is governed and managed by a volunteer Council of Mutawallees (Trustees) and a Board of Management. These structures are currently being expanded to become more representative of the community. The organization is also governed by a constitution and various legislation.

Footprint: Awqaf SA has chapters in Gauteng and the Western Cape and a network presence in other provinces, towns and cities in South Africa and in the SADC region.
International Association: Awqaf SA is associated with several international organisations such as the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC); Research Centre for Islamic History, Art & Culture (IRCICA); Islamic Research & Training Institute (member of the Islamic Development Bank Group); Muslim Religious Council of Singapore; IHH (Istanbul); Deniz Feneri (Istanbul) and the Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation).
Gratitude: Awqaf SA is grateful to Allah (swt), the many donors, volunteers, service providers, partners, associates, and their families for their duas and support. Jazakallahukhairan – May Allah reward you with the best.
Key concept:
Waqf: (Pl: awqaf) is an Arabic word which literally means to stop or to preserve. Its common Islamic Shari’ah usage refers to a voluntary gift, donation, or bequest made by a donor or benefactor out of his/her generosity and dedicated to the Almighty as a permanent charitable endowment for the perpetual benefit of its usufruct to charitable, humanitarian, family, or religious purposes.