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Baitul Ansaar Child and Youth Care Centre

Our Team of dedicated staff are committed to the well being of the children in our care. From the moment a child is brought to our centre, we ensure that their educational, social, physical, emotional and psychological needs are met.
On admission each child undergoes an individual assessment that is aligned with child protection standards. This assessment is a thorough evaluation of the child, conducted by our resident social worker, medical representative, care worker and development professionals. An individual Development Plan is drawn up for each child. Specific staff members are assigned to the child, and a developmental process is developed.
It is then our duty as a team to ensure that the child’s developmental targets are met. We work closely with our partner organizations to provide our child with any additional developmental support they might need. Each child ‘s development plan is routinely monitored and adjusted accordingly.
While the child is with us, we attempt to create a feeling that is as close to a “normal” home life as possible. Our children live, eat, sleep and play at BACCC. We have tried to keep the home warm, colorful and cheerful.
While the child is with us, we try to expose them to as many activities as possible. Our children are always out hiking, picnicking, visiting museums, aquariums and attending outside events.
We also try to do what we can to develop, train and empower our staff. They are the backbone of the organization.
We are a home with a vision – to develop, empower and transform the lives all those who walk through our doors.
We are home to approximately 42 children. Our children have all suffered from abuse, abandonment or neglect. We have 20 full time staff that work around the clock to provide all the children in our home with the best possible care.