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Beating Heart SA

For a lot of new moms in South Africa’s government hospitals, the blessing of child birth and the first moments of bonding are often over shadowed by the fears and concerns that accompany their socio economic status and – in far too many cases – the circumstances surrounding the baby’s conception.
“How will I meet my baby’s needs? Will my baby be healthy? How do I keep my baby safe? How do I raise a baby alone?”
‘Beating Heart SA’ (a registered NPC based in Cape Town) aims to provide encouragement through practical gifts that will meet at least some of the essential needs of these tiny babies and their brave Moms.
Each Beating Heart ‘care bag’ contains the following:
Wet wipes
Maternity pads
Tooth Brush
Tooth Paste
Bar of Soap
Surgical spirits
Cotton wool
12x Size 0 Huggies Nappies
Drawstring bag
We are currently supplying two Community Day and have to date dispatched 283 to Elsies Rivier and 243 care bags to the Kraaifontein Labour and Obstetrics Wards so that every women who gives birth in these facilities gets one. We pack and deliver the bags once a week, however to keep up demand and to eventually grow into helping other Government facilities, we need to secure more support.
If you would like more info or to sponsor a bag for R100 or interested in corporate sponsorship please inbox us or