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Bereshith is a registered NPO with the Department of Social Development. The organisation was registered in June 2019, but has been active in social upliftment since May 2016.
Our work covers the areas of assisting and placing displaced families, children and individuals.
We are active anti-drug activist; we lobby against women and children abuse and we assist recovering addicts on their road to recovery. We take care of the families that are affected by drug abuse, such as parents, mothers, fathers, husbands, wives and children.
Bereshith’s motto is “A NEW BEGINNING”
We believe everybody deserves a new beginning after the trauma that life may have dealt them. A new beginning can be a very daunting task for a person fresh out of a 6 week rehabilitation program. Most have been in active addiction for well over 5 years or more, this being said, most will have been unemployed, or school leavers or unskilled for the formal work sector. We have found that when a recoveree leaves a rehab facility after their 6 weeks detox and step work classes, most of them are still displaced, without a home, no support structure, no job, nor any skills to find a job. The 6 weeks spent at rehab covers only the first 4 steps of the 12 step program, this is not enough to keep them strong or holding on to sobriety. At Bereshith we have developed a program that can be implemented as part of the recovery process to complete the rest of the 8 steps of the 12 step program as well as to get the recovery upskilled in his field of strength.