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Bethesda House Ministries

Bethesda House is a faith-based charity (Public Benefit Organization) that exists to see people encounter God, and be restored and equipped to be agents of change in their communities. We provide a safe place for people to come and receive direction, comfort, encouragement and healing. We offer a variety of free appointments and events to uplift and encourage people. We offer relevant cutting edge training for leaders that desire to make a difference.

Since opening in 2011, we have ministered to over 15,000 people. We reach a broad range of people with our focusses, allowing us to impact all sections of society from leaders to youth, to the under-privileged and marginalized throughout in Cape Town. Every year, we impact people from at least 40 nations through our ministry appointments (in person or online services).

Our 4 Focusses:
Worship and Prayer - transformation through meaningful spiritual encounters

Community Events - community upliftment initiatives (utilizing words, music and art) to promote hope, healing and social action

Trauma Care and Guidance - free appointments, courses and special assistance to see healing, freedom from addictions and identity restoration of individuals (local and online services)

Leadership Development - Equipping leaders in personal and spiritual development, leadership skills, guidance, coaching and resources through workshops and courses