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Black First Land First

After 24 years of democracy, South Africa remains a deeply segregated colonial state. Black people continue to be landless, economically excluded and treated like second class citizens. 20 000 ( black people die annually from structural violence due to failure to transform SA into a real democracy. About 35,000 white families own more than 80% of SA's land (State Land Audit). More than 40% of black people are unemployed compared to the 8% (StatsSA) of unemployed whites. White families earn six times more than black families. This has to change.

Black First Land First (BLF) is a grassroots movement which is guided by the philosophy of Steve Biko which is Black Consciousness. BLF is the only political party that is committed to defending the landless and renewing the dignity of our people through a radical economic transformation program which aims to achieve the following:

1. Land return
2. Nationalisation of SARB
3. Pro-poor State Bank
4. Blacks must have mining wealth
5. Free quality decolonized education
7. Reparations for Marikana
8. Living minimum wage of R12 500
9. Free electricity and healthcare
10. 2 million employment in a year

BLF is registered with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) and will contest the national elections. BLF needs to raise R600 000 by the 31st of January 2019 and is appealing to the public for donations in order to stay independent, which in terms of legislation is refundable once representation in parliament is won by a political party. BLF intends to donate the entire amount, upon it being refunded by the IEC, to worthy social upliftment projects. To this end two projects have been identified namely, upgrading Sophunga Primary School in rural KZN; and building a house for a deserving family.