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Blackheath Educare Association

Blackheath Educare Association is dedicated in providing early childhood education with a main focus on children with special needs. We provide a save enviroment for children between 1 month and 6 years of age with a special aftercare service. All our children fall in with our educational and development program and enjoy a healthy, balanced diet, including breakfast and a special cooked lunch.

Early Childhood education is our priority and rightly so it should also be yours as a parent! We have taken up the responsibility of the early childhood education of about 40 kids and our aim is to constantly achieve the following objectives:

Provide partial care service to children of the community in and around the Blackheath and greater Blue Downs area;

Bridge the gap between the informal and formal school education

Provide the holistic development (emotional, social, physical, intellectual, cognitive, moral, values) of the child

Assist in the protection and treatment of the children of all races, colour, creed and culture, as stipulated in the Children's Act of the South African Constitution.