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George Negota Litigation Fund

George Negota Litigation Fund


The George Negota Litigation (GNL) Fund was established primarily to provide funding for litigation and dispute resolution for the Black Management Forum. The purpose of the GNL Fund is to develop strategy and plan to hold public interest companies established in terms of section 72 (4) of the Act accountable for not achieving targets set in Employment Equity Plans and to champion alternative dispute resolution as a cost effective mechanism for resolution of disputes about the interpretation and implementation of Employment Equity Plans, in line with section 20 (2) (g) of the Employment Equity Act, section 166 of the Act and King IV Report on Corporate Governance.

Furthermore, to represent the BMF as a material stakeholder that should be consulted by public interest companies in line with principles 166 of the King IV Report on Corporate Governance.

Develop capacity for forum members to participate effectively as members of the Employment Equity Committees established by public interest companies in line with section 16 of the Employment Equity Plans and to lead the process of ensuring that social and ethics committees prioritize Employment Equity and Transformation as key performances indicators for public interest companies' boards in particular by acting upon the outcomes of social and ethics committees seminar convened by companies tribunal that advocates the involvement of civil society.

About The BMF:

The Black Management Forum is a non-racial thought-leadership organisation with the main purpose of influencing socio-economic transformation in our country, in pursuit of socio-economic justice, fairness and equity. The Black Management Forum continues to be vocal on these principles and has been putting Corporate South Africa in check and encouraging participation of the broader South African stakeholders.

Our Vision:

To be the foremost organisation in the development of managerial leadership and advancing socio-economic transformation in South Africa and beyond.

Our Mission:

The Black Management Forum stands for the development and empowerment of managerial leadership, primarily amongst black people, and the creation of managerial structures and processes that reflect the demographics, and values of the wider society.