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Did you know that every month many babies are born in our local hospitals and surrounding rural areas who go home without any covering, clothing or basic toiletries? In some cases they are wrapped in newspaper to get them home. Some simply go home cuddled in their mother’s clothing. One baby went home wrapped in a plastic shopping packet! This presented a clear need to help underprivileged mums in this position which gave rise to Bless-a-Baby in October 2002.

We are a group of devoted volunteers who meet several days every week to sew bags from donated material and fill them with the basics essentials a mum needs to care for her new born baby in the early days of life. That namely being towelling nappies, a number of clothing items, blankets, knitted items, toys and toiletries amongst other things. Our main goal is to equip the mums to be ready and able to care for their new born baby/ies. Many of the mums are extremely poor and for some of them they see their new baby as just another mouth to feed rather than the proverbial joy a mum would otherwise feel. We give these bags and bless the mothers with a few free items to start her and her baby off on their journey in life together. With this bag we hope to bridge the gap from fear to joy and build the bond of love between both mother and child.

Bless-a-Baby has been helping mums and their new born babies for over 16 years and to date we have made and given out a total of 13,530 bags and counting (as at October 2018). There is a sure demand and we hope grow and reach more areas and mums in need.