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Bnei Akiva South Africa

Bnei Akiva South Africa is a branch of the World Bnei Akiva Youth Movement, an education focused worldwide community, providing Jewish education, Israel education, life changing programmes and camps for over 125 000 members throughout the world. Originally founded in 1929, Bnei Akiva is currently the largest youth movement in the world. Over the last seven decades, Bnei Akiva South Africa has formed into the largest and most active youth movement in our country. Through love and dedication, the Bnei Akiva Madrichim continue to instill within our communityaEUR(TM)s youth a strong love for Judaism, a passion for Israel and a sense of responsibility to ones fellow man, which are the core values of the organisation.
We have centres in Joburg, Cape Town and Durban where weekly activities take place and where our dedicated madrichim bond and create connections with our chanichim while educating them in an informal and enjoyable way about Torah, Judaism and of course Eretz Yisrael!