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Boots for Africa

UBOOTU 3000 - A proud Boots for Africa Initiative. We're making 3000 local soccer & rugby boots for young local legends. These new, shiny, stitched & studded boots are waiting to be made in South Africa.
We're doing this for young sporty feet, that haven't been that lucky. Feet that have big dreams & little support. Feet that want to move swiftly across a sports field, feet that want to score goals, feet that want to play to win. But mostly, this is for the young feet of South Africa that want to feel like heroes in their new boots.
Because they deserve to. We need your support.
Help us raise R850 000 for our first order of 3000 pairs, and let's turn our hand-me-down community into first-life legends.
How many legends can you support with your kind donation:
R 280 - 1 young legend
R 560 - 2 young legends
R 1400 - 5 young legends
R 2800 - 10 young legends
Your donation, big or small, will make the difference.
As a PBO, we can issue donation a Section 18 Certificate