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Bossies Community Justice

Bossies Community Justice is a company registered under section 21(non-profit). We are a non-racial, non-cultural and non- political organization.

Bossies Community Justice is not a security company.

Bossies Community Justice was established in Nelspruit, Mpumalanga during February 2010. The catalyst was the murder of a member of our community, Mr Bossie Bezuidenhout. Bossie was mercilessly gunned down in his home, while his family witnessed the attack.

- The ONLY non-profit Organisation in the Lowveld supporting Police and Security Companies in the fight against Crime. FREE service to the public!

- Trained, objective operational team capable of coordinating reactions between SAPS and security companies.

- Accessible, capable, dedicated, effective, trained 24 hours service.

- A reputable organisation with integrity and transparency of funds.

- Pro-active informant sourcing and rewards payable – a “catch them before it happens” approach.

- Investigations to track down criminals after the crime was committed.

- Middleman connecting with a huge network of specialists.