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Brave to Love

Brave to Love is a NGO that reaches out to the streets of South Africa. We support and help people through community, rehabilitation, restoriation and counseling. Training and social development is key to the restoration process. Brave to Love consist of four areas of outreach; Street Team, and Grace Girl, Brave Heart Juvenile Prisons and Adopt a Life development program.


Our street team consist of a group of volunteers that bring resources to people on the street. . The street teams are involved with relief work and loving those that are in desperate situations. In South-Africa our unemployment rates are 27% meaning more than 6 million people do not have work which forces people to drugs and living on the streets.


Beautifully Brave is an outreach program that reaches out to ladies working in the sex industry. It is a support group for women. We offer community, love and friendship to bring support. The aim is to reach, restore and equip women, providing friendship, support groups and access to avenues that they can utilise in pursuit of a healthy, fulfilling life.

The team meets ladies where they are at and uses beautiful gifts to show the women that they are loved. The team sources sponsors to host beautiful dinners, pamper days, training days and opportunity days for the purpose of loving and developing the ladies. Beautifully Brave brings hope to often hopeless circumstances supporting each woman where the need is identified. Our team journeys with the women on a long-term basis, knowing that each girl has her own story to tell. We suppport pregnant mommies and provide counselling where needed. Beautifully Brave has a group of committed men and women volunteers that help bring support to these ladies.


Brave Heart focuses on change of incarcerated youth. The message presented, is one of hope and forgiveness. Torch is a four day mentorship program that takes juveniles through a process of healing, forgiveness and restoration. The support includes the family of the incarcerated youth as well. This is an exciting project to be part of.


Adopt a Life is focussed on social development where a candidate is evaluated and assessed by a professional team of counselling and industrial psychologists to establish the best possible road to restoration for each individual. This evaluation is presented and companies and individuals of the community has the opportunity to get involved in the restoration of the candidate. Companies and individuals adopting a human being’s life receives monthly feedback. We have the oppertunity to start a home for people to have new beginning in life.