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Breadline Africa was established in Cape Town in 1993 and registered as a non-profit organisation in South Africa. It is also registered as a charity in the UK.

Breadline Africa recognised that a great deal of grassroots development had to take place as a part of the nation-building process, and that government structures would not be in a position to provide all of the resources to facilitate this process.

Breadline Africa focuses its attention on infrastructure projects benefiting early childhood development (ECDs – providing educational support to children between the ages of one and six years), and children and youth in literacy.
The focus is clustered into three main areas:
1. Library Project: Container library project, in collaboration with the Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory, that provides libraries in refurbished shipping containers for under-resourced primary schools across South Africa;
2. Early Childhood Development Centres (Nursery Schools): Infrastructure projects for pre-school facilities, providing classrooms, toilet facilities or kitchens using converted shipping containers;
3. Initiatives and special community projects: Seaside outings, feeding programmes and school stationery packs.

Breadline Africa believes that every child has the capacity to do something phenomenal with his or her life. When a child’s imagination is unlocked, possibilities and options are opened up, allowing them to choose a path for their own future.

Today, Breadline Africa is one of the biggest suppliers of converted shipping containers for poverty relief in South Africa and has delivered more than 320 containers to poverty-stricken communities across the country.